Senior's 15-16 Spring Season

Posted by QABL NY on Apr 27 2015 at 05:00PM PDT in 2019S

1. All games are 7 innings with 5 complete innings being official.
*4 innings during the month of April.

2. All games are played under MLB National League rules with some exceptions.

3. There is a 2.5hr time limit with no inning starting after 2 hours 15 minutes.

4. All teams have the option to use an EH (Extre Hitter) if they choose to.
4a. Must be added at the start of the game
4b. Can play the field at any time for a maximum of 2 moves.

5. A team must have at least 7 players to play or to win by forfeit
5a. A team that starts with 7 players can borrow players(s) from the opposing team if they choose to and only if the opposing team agrees to it.

6. Forfeit time is 20 minutes for the 1st game and 20 minutes more for the 2nd game if scheduled for a Doubleheader.

7. If both managers cant agree on playing the game, then the umpires have the final say. *if managers agree - then game can be played.

8. Both teams are responsible for getting the field in shape with the home team supplying the bases.

9. There is NO "must slide rule", but a player cant barrel into catcher or fielder. If they do then they are automatically out and possibly ejected if umpire feels it was flagrant.

10. Runner for the catcher is mandatory with 2 outs.
*Someone not in the game first, then from the bench if nobody is available

11. Players must be in uniform while playing the game.
*Other hats are allowed

12. Only 1 manager, 2 coaches, and a scorekeeper are allowed in the dugout.

13. Any fighting by players or coaches will result in a suspension.

14. Any use of an illegal player will result in a forfeit and possible manager suspension.

15. On deck batters are permitted.

16. Headfirst slides are allowed into other bases only - Not allowed into home plate.

17. Metal spikes are permitted on dirt fields, NOT turf fields.

18. Mercy rule applies on 12 runs after 4 innings or 10 runs after 5 inning or any complete inning thereafter.

19. All playoffs will be played under tournament rules for pitchers.

20. A player must play in at least 7 games or 1/2 the season to play in the playoffs.

21. If a player gets hurt or sick and their team does not have any replacements, then that players spot is passed over and not considered an automatic out.

22. If a player gets tossed and their team does not have any replacements, then that players spot becomes an automatic out.

23. If a team starts with 7 or 8 players - they are allowed to add a player to the end of the lineup up until the end of the 3rd inning. After that, added players can play but only as a replacement.

24. ALL baseballs must be leather cover and cushioned cork center
*No plastic or rubber center

25. If teams decide to cancel because of weather conditions, they must make sure to call umpires or will have to pay fee

26. If game is canceled at the field, teams must pay the umpires a total of $40 travel fee
** $20 per umpire.


***Remember: Lets try and get these games in. If it rained, arrive at field early and help out to get it fixed. Keep us informed of all game results

President: Mike Rizzo 917-868-5665
Umpire in chief: (Tony) 347-680-6720


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